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Our solutions at QI Consulting address the complete information management lifecycle, from engagement and business design through delivery, operation and support. Thru collaborative, customer intimate relationships, our experienced consultants deliver professional solutions that align to our customer challenges and business imperatives.

Every company is facing uncontrolled growth of not only their information but the IT costs required to maintain it properly. The most experienced CIO's understand that you not only have a scalable IT infrastructure that can handle these new requirements, but process and procedures in place that allow you to actively manage and measure it intelligently.

Qi provides comprehensive assessment and consulting, implementation and migration, project and program management and support services to organizations across the United States and Canada.

The following is a brief overview of QI Consulting solution offerings:

Information Lifecycle Assessment

Qi works closely with your information managers, evaluating existing policies and procedures, interviewing application and/or data base entities, and specific business owners’, thereby ensuring a comprehensive picture of the information user community is identified. This aspect is as important as the assessment of the physical environment in which it exists. QI consultants will identify communication and/or policies issues within your information user populations as well as within existing systems and provide solutions to ensure that a holistic plan is put in place and is manageable by your existing team.

Data Classification

Every piece of information procured by a business entity has a value proposition, and how you determine this value leads to your ability to classify, to tier, to store, to back up, and to archive and ultimately leads to how you procure your storage in the future. Data is growing at an unmanageable rate and the costs of procuring storage are constantly becoming a larger part of the IT budget. Let our experts help you ensure that your information is stored, protected and maintained by having us create a customized, efficient process that ensures you keep your data accessible, secure, utilized, and cost effective.

Storage Services

At QI core is it's depth of experience in the storage service arena. QI Storage Services include strategic planning, implementation, migration, roadmap development, training and much more. Whether it is developing the an architecture for your new enterprise ERP or email solution, or simply implementing a NAS device, or perhaps migrating from one storage solution to another, QI consultants are industry veterans with experience in deploying in today's most complex IT environments.

Project/Program Management

We incorporate a disciplined methodology and close customer collaboration to our work, ensuring the right people, skills and personalities are in place to achieve our customers' business goals. Through extensive rigor and deep industry experience our consultants' delivery a service level that is considered best in class. Our collaborative approach establishes a long-term partnership with our customers and our "steering committee" approach to communication ensures that all owners to project success are accountable.

Virtualization and Consolidation

Why virtualize?.... Where do you start? Reducing costs, moving toward a more green IT, simplify resources, provide greater flexibility to allocate resources, improve services levels to your customers, and have greater flexibility to changing business demands. Let QI Consulting tailor you a solution to help you meet your companies' specific needs.

Training, Education and Knowledge Transfer

Customer satisfaction starts with the sale and only ends when the solution you provide your client is truly manageable with the team they have in place. Qi understands that today's information solutions are very sophisticated which can translate to your existing IT members having to learn or relearn a new set of skills to ensure they are able to administer and maintain the solution. QI can provide it's customers with specific knowledge transfer, on-site training, and classroom training or customized a program utilizing some or all services above.

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