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We have all lived and breathed the frustration around the 24/7 lifestyle that comes with working in the technology industry, can you imagine working for another company where:

  • Where a phone call a month is considered "high-touch" management.
  • Where "upward mobility" means increasing your status with "Starwood" and "United".
  • Where a day off, means keep your crackberry on just in case we need ya...

QI Consulting was established with something else in mind...like all boutique consulting organizations everyone has to work hard to ensure the overall success of the company is ensured, but there are a myriad of paths to that shared goal, and in turn shared success with it's consultants.

Please ensure you review our benefits, training, and diversity information to ensure you get the full picture of what QI can mean to you! Apply for a rewarding career at QI Consulting Today!!

Our Consultants

We always live and die with the quality, work ethic, integrity, pride and happiness of the people that reside on our team. At QI we work diligently to ensure the quality of our people is not based solely on their experience or success inside the industry, but their personalities and ability to work as a team. At QI we would rather have the synergies of a shared intellectual team than the A+ player that works as a separate individual. Teamwork and having fun is something you have to work at and QI is committed rewarding the success that comes from a team that works hard for our clientele's satisfaction.

Practice Based Disciplines

QI is based upon a Practice based framework ensuring that our consultants are deeply versed in their particular discipline with all the required resources for their success and our customers success at their fingertips.

At QI we have established four criteria that we not only measure our consultants by, but most importantly demand from our leadership and management.

Respect  -  Integrity  -  Pride  -  Trust

We hope you take the time to apply and allow us to discuss with you all that QI can provide you, your family and your career. We would love to have you be and integral part of our team and our mutual success.

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